Carpenter's Last Jett

OWNER: Larry Carpenter

Carpenter's Last Jett

Cindy is out of Carpenter's Misty Star and Ch. Barker's Blue Jett. See more information on Cindy's field accomplishments here.


2X Ch.5XRU Ch. Barker's Blue Jett
SIRE        1526589      

8XCh. Hamilton's Blue Diamond
    1437446      21-85-299

9XCh./FTHF Hick's Rising Sun
    1277288      27-64-210

Jett's Secret Lady
    1319460      9-9-54

Barker's Princess Di

Ch./R-U Ch. See Johnny Run
    1388809      12-41-141

Tekoa Judy Sunrise

Carpenter's Misty Star
DAM        1556545      

Carpenter's Storm

3XCh./2XR-U Ch./GNG Ch. Grouse Ridge Storm
    1308692      20-32-90

2XCh./R-U Ch./R-U GNG Ch. Star's Misty Ghost
    1258361      39-11-93

Carpenter's Maggie

4XCh./FTHF Bozeann's Mosley
    1173040      26-226-1253

Spinning Wheel Image

Carpenter's Last Jett ("Cindy") Accomplishments:

  • Sept 09 - Second place Open Puppy at the Bob Catlett NNBA Missouri Classic
  • Oct 09 - First place Open Puppy at the Greypointe FTC NBHA trial at Tongonoxie, KS
See more information on Carpenter's Last Jett ("Cindy") personal page.